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What our clients say...

"We've worked with Screwvala LLC for almost 15 years. His counsel has been invaluable and his integrity is beyond question. He is extremely bright, insightful, and absolutely, positively tireless in advocating for his clients in any circumstance where he has the opportunity."

Sally Allen

"Erach  was fast, responsive and fair. He treated us as a high priority client with complete integrity. With an easy manner and speaking in language we could understand he swiftly guided us through an unfamiliar process all on our timetable.. and all at a fair price. I would highly recommend him and his firm and look forward to the chance to work with him again."

Russ Camarda

Hi, I'm Erach!

In my nearly 20 years in practice, my goal has been to provide comprehensive,

easy-to-understand counsel to individuals and families who want to have the peace of mind that they have done all they can to protect their loved ones.


I take an innovative and thoughtful approach to my work. I will take the time to understand your particular goals, needs, and challenges and help you find the right solutions for you and your family.


This is personal to me. I'm a husband and a proud father to four incredible daughters. I would do anything to protect my family and secure their future. I will help you find and implement the right strategies to protect your family as well. 

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